Installation example of Mercury seriesKSM Corporation

Large scale home center

Suitable for the large shop where few number of shop attendants are allocated. With the character of low frequency system, large entrance area can be covered. On top of security, by adopting large monitor, digital signage is available.


Package sample

Gate antenna 15units
adhesive tag 8,000pieces
loop tag 5,000pieces
Reset mat 32units
Hand resetter 32units


Car accessory shop

Optimum solution can be offered for the shop where many metallic goods are displayed. Preventing the loss of goods with much greater efficiency than high-frequency radio wave system.


Package sample

Gate antenna 1unit
adhesive tag 450pieces
loop tag 5pieces
Reset mat 1unit
Hand resetter 3units


Brand shop

Embed type antenna is recommended to keep the design concept of the shops where top graded merchandises are displayed. The shop design shall be taken cared with first priority.


Package sample

Embed Antenna 1set
loop tag 500pieces
Reset mat 1unit
Hand resetter 2units

Large shopping center

With the RFID system, the location of alarming tag can be monitored in the central control room. Illegal taking out can be prevented/recorded/controlled seamlessly.

Large shopping center

Package sample

Gate antenna 36units
adhesive tag 4,000units
loop tag 10,000units
Reset mat 60units
Hand resetter 20units

Large shopping center2

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